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Generation NOW

​"A Time for Mission, Education and Evangelism Coupled with Fellowship and Fun"​

Generation N.O.W. (Not of this World) is our ministry to young people. This ministry takes a wholistic approach to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of children, youth, and young adults. It's primary goal is to reach souls at an early age, raise leaders, and reclaim generations for the sake of Christ.
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Stacey L. BennPresident
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Baltimore

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Elected Officers

Minister Brandon M. Hite, First Vice President
The Central Baptist Church, Baltimore City

Allyse Algarin, Second Vice President
​St. Paul Baptist Church

Teonna Woolford, Third Vice President
​Mt. Ararat Baptist Church

Shayla Brooks, Corresponding Secretary
​Leadenhall Baptist Church

Appointed Officers

Minister Keisha Holmes, Children's Coordinator
Pleasant Rock Baptist Church

​Minister Tracey Cherry, Young Adult Coordinator
​Silas First Baptist Church

Travis Edwards, Social Media Principal
​Pleasant Zion Baptist Church

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