The President

Reverend Dr. Cleveland T.A. Mason, 2ND

​​Dr. Cleveland T.A. Mason, 2ND is the Senior Pastor of the Historic Perkins Square Baptist Church & Ministries in Baltimore City, Maryland, which is a church with a vital message and vital ministries for today's Christian. Dr. Mason preaches the Word of God without fear or favor, believing that as God leads him, he must lead God's people.

As the President of the United Baptist Missionary Convention & Auxiliaries of the State of Maryland (UBMC), Dr. Mason has prolific vision and is committted to forging a new direction and preparing a new generation of leaders for the Convention. It is his desire to build strong Christian communities to lead the convention and to advance the Kingdom of God. His approach to strengthening communities for the road ahead has been embraced by all.

​Dr. Mason is leading the UBMC to meet the needs of twenty-first century churches. As a visionary, Dr. Mason leads the people of God in spiritual worship services, with a yearning to see the church and the convention achieve greatness. He believes that the only way to do this is to reinforce their foundations and work together to build the kingdom of God. Dr. Mason is a positive, passionate, productive, and progressive leader--leadership that you can count on!
​​Dr. Mason is a community enthusiast and activist, involved in activities and projects specifically designed to make a difference in the community.  His education, training, experiences, and divine calling have led him down this path. Dr. Mason works with BRIDGE Maryland, advocating for social and political change. He worked tirelessly to help change the minimum wage law in Maryland. Working with the Maryland Faith Health Network, he advocated for healthcare availability and affordability and other related issues which yielded the recent victory of drug affordability legislation. Dr. Mason continues to work to help end crime and violence throughout the state.

Dr. Mason has held leadership positions with various religious organizations, including Vice President of The Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity, Vice President-at-Large for the Congress of Christian Education of the Progressive Baptist Convention of Maryland, and past President of the Pastors' Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity. Dr. Mason is a world-wide evangelist and Bible instructor, certified counselor, and CEO of New Life Media Ministries and New Life Community Development Corporation. He is a covenant partner of the Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and T.D. Jakes Ministries, and a member of Peace for the City Pastors & Congregations Coalition and the Pastors' Prayer Group of Baltimore. Dr. Mason humbly serves on several committees and boards that make an impact in the City of Baltimore and lives of countless others.
Dr. Mason has more than thirty years as a pastor. Beyond his many pastoral accomplishments and academic credentials, he genuinely loves the people of God. He is a “tender shepherd” who takes his calling seriously. He truly has a passion to serve the people of God.

Dr. Mason is happily married to Florence Shielda Greenhill Mason. He is the father of two sons, Cleveland Taft Andre Mason, 3RD and Clevon George Herbert Mason, one daughter, ShaNearah Monique Mason, and two grandchildren, Caiden Taft Mason and Kennedi Sinai Mason Johnson. ​Dr. Mason can be heard at 7:00pm EST, every Sunday evening on Heaven 600, WCAO AM radio in Baltimore. 


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